Who Do You Trust in this Cryptocurrency Craze?

Everyone has their own story about how they first entered the cryptocurrency space.

Maybe you saw something on Facebook, Twitter or the news; maybe you learned about Bitcoin from a friend or colleague. No matter which way you discovered cryptocurrency, you begin to understand how big this really is. The technology, the implications. You start to see that it’s wide open, even more so than the internet at its beginnings. There’s a vastness to it and the learning curve for the majority of us is very steep.

It’s a whole new way of doing things, of doing business, of online commerce, of economy, of social media, of new technologies, and of freedom from regulations and 3rd parties.

It’s a lot to swallow, to be honest. You’re trying to learn a little more every day to catch up. And this is not a hard task because ICO’s and blockchain technology are exciting. There’s an intensely high level of creativity, innovation and international collaboration swirling about the blockchain environs. So much potential and promise.


cryptocurrency craze

How Do You Know Who to Trust?

TruDex™ was created to help sift through the gargantuan amounts of data dedicated to ICO’s and cryptocurrencies. We perform unbiased, in-depth research and offer investors the tools they need to make informed investment decisions on the dex.