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TruDex: Not Your Typical ICO Rating Site

We are now seeing a multitude of ICO rating and listing sites enter the burgeoning ICO market. Some offer free listings and paid marketing services. Others create detailed reporting for investors or they might just list ICOs in an easy to navigate manner. Some even offer everything an ICO could ever dream of, for an arm and a leg of course!

Each one of these sites brings different things to the table. Here’s how TruDex sets itself apart.

Our Team

  • The research team at TruDex has been working together evaluating and analyzing ICOs since September of 2017.
  • We are fully transparent entrepreneurs with visible social media accounts with authentic, verifiable profiles on our webpage and LinkedIn.
  • All of us at TruDex are here for the duration – not to make a quick buck and move to Puerto Rico. We want to make the absolute most of the opportunities made available by decentralization, for all involved.

We are a Selective ICO Rating Site

  • Every ICO we profile or feature must first pass a preselection process, which helps to weed out the scams and quickly thrown together projects.
  • Our team scours other listing sites like ICO Alert 🙂 to put them through our selection process and create a listing of Select ICO Profiles.

Our Pricing Structure is Lambo-Free

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  • Fair market prices are offered to ICOs. No price gouging!
  • Flexible packaging and payments options. We strive to create a plan that works perfectly for your individual ICO.

Additionally, we are not JUST an ICO rating site. We offer a range of services to get ICOs off to a good start and to help them become a part of our collective, decentralized future. At TruDex, ICOs can choose from a number of offerings, including:

  • Complete Security Review – Includes code audits, website security and ERC20 protocol/smart contracts.
  • Varying promotional packages to feature your ICO on our database
  • Banner ads through BuySellAds Cryptobar program, for visibility on dozens of crypto sites like bitcoin.com.
  • White Paper Consults – Our experienced researchers know what might be missing and can point out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Full ICO Review – This is where we look at every detail of your ICO and give actionable recommendations to help ensure a secure, successful ICO process.

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When you put it all together, what you have is authentic people searching out and profiling the best ICOs out there. This is good for two reasons:

  1. ICOs can advertise that they made our preselection.
  2. Investors have a listing that clearly differentiates ICOs with potential from all the chaff.

We know the ICO market is a bit on the wild side, to say the least. That’s why we feel it’s important to do our absolute best to highlight and empower the serious projects. For more information, please visit TruDex.io or sign up to get ICO news and notifications.