TruDex ICO of the Week – Giftcoin

As our weekly featured ICO, Giftcoin is building the world’s first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes. Their groundbreaking system is designed to revolutionize the way we make charitable contributions.

The Giftcoin ICO begins March 20th, 2018 and runs through April 19th.

Their vision is to create trust between donors and charitable organizations so that a confidence is built – when donating, you’ll know exactly where your funds are going. Donations can be followed as the charities reach their goals in helping others.

In this type of open charitable giving environment, donors may have increased confidence. This allows for more giving than ever before. Because now donors follow their money and see the progress being made in solving world problems through charity.

As the team at Giftcoin aptly put it:

“At a time in history of seemingly endless natural disasters, the refugee crises in the Middle East, and a greater divide between rich and poor than ever before, the need has never been greater for such a platform.”

Giftcoin ICO received high scores through a TruDex audit in the following areas:

  • Team Strength – Giftcoin has numerous experts in the field of charitable giving and non-profits, as well as ample experience in business start-ups.
  • Marketing – The project boasts a highly credentialed Head of Communications, Bridget Greenwood.  Plenty of good press and organic social media outreach is evident as well.
  • ICO Details – A one-year lock up for founders is in place to incentivize long-term team participation and increase investor confidence. Additionally, an escrow is set to help protect investors. The ICO itself is transparent and the desired funds are not bloated but in step with the project’s goals.


Get the full Giftcoin scoring and report by TruDex here. To find out more about ICOs, what they are trying to accomplish and how well they are doing, visit us at TruDex.io.