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The TruDex ICO Checklist

The TruDex ICO Checklist was initially created in September of 2017 as a way to help investors and ICO start ups identify the keys to a successful ICO project. Our research team used this original set of guidelines to create in-depth reports on 50 ICOs in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. As a service to the crypto community, we offer free access to this research database of ICO projects, in the hopes that it may serve as a useful point of reference for ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Since it’s first application in evaluating ICOs, the scoring system continued to be tweaked and adjusted by the TruDex team to develop a working set of guidelines for ICOs trying to make their mark in a crowded, noisy and confusing ecosystem.

Who is the ICO Checklist For?

The TruDex ICO Checklist is  available as a shareable Google Spreadsheet so ICOs can easily use it as a set of development guidelines. Investors and influencers are also free to use it in any way that helps them identify solid ICO projects for investment opportunities, as well as for helping educate the large numbers of brand new cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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