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What Do These Top 5 ICOs Have in Common? TruDex ICO Scoring System has all the Details

To date, 94 ICOs have been fully profiled by the experts at TruDex. What does this mean? It means that each ICO project was put through our ICO scoring system by our research department after a thorough review of the ICO’s white paper, team credentials, website, press, and social media channels.

How Does an ICO Get into the TruDex ICO Scoring System?

Our Research Director, Sharjeel Sohaib, and our Research and Development expert, Milan Damjanovic, curate a list of possible strong ICOs. They have been doing this since September of 2017 and both have a knack for sourcing the best projects. These are the ICOs that are Profiled and fully scored independently, not just listed.

But before the ICO scoring system is applied, these ICOs must first pass through a pre-selection process, which we developed to weed out the fluff and scams. If your ICO has made it through the pre-selection screening and is in the top 5 out of 94 ICO profiles, the project and team deserve accolades for hard work and innovation.

A big congratulations to the Top 5 ICOs for ranking high in the TruDex ICO scoring system!! In descending order, here they are:

#5 Safe Haven Score = 79%

ICO Scoring System

Complete Scoring Details for the Safe Haven project are here.


#4 XYOracle Network Score = 84%

ico rating system

Complete Scoring Details for the XY Oracle Network project are here.


#3 indaHash Score = 90%

ICO Scoring System

Complete Scoring Details for the indaHash project are here.


#2 Nauticus Score = 87%

ico rating system

Complete scoring details for Nauticus are here.


#1 The Abyss DAICO Score = 92%

ico rating system

Complete scoring details for the Abyss DAICO are here.


If all these ICOs were rated so high in the TruDex ICO Scoring System, what do they all have in common?


The ICOs in our top five all had the following traits:

  • All 5 had dedicated blockchain developers already working on the project.
  • They scored the highest possible for team members with industry-specific expertise.
  • Each ICO had developed Use Cases.
  • They had code audit results available.
  • All of the ICOs had adequate, organic buzz level across social media platforms.
  • They put “Delayed Founder Liquidity” into place. What this means is that the team members and founders were vested and more likely to stay long term.
  • These ICOs all had a very transparent ICO process, meaning the public could easily see and understand all of their ICO details, including token distribution.
  • Each ICO had some sort of legal advisor on the team.

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