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The Story Behind TruDex - By Founder, Jens Nasstrom

As I started out investing in ICOs, I quickly realized that having access to structured and unbiased information would not only make my life as an investor a lot easier, but it would also improve my investment strategy. I needed a one place stop where I quickly could identify and narrow down upcoming ICOs that were worth looking into. However, I couldn’t find a service that provided clear and trustworthy enough information – either they were listings with simple data such as dates or they seemed biased.

Disappointed, I resorted to hiring VAs to do the researching for me, and after going through many, I found an extraordinary researcher that provided me with exactly what I had been needing.

As ICO reports of proper quality started to come in, it dawned on me that others may also benefit from these summaries – a thought that was confirmed by my crypto friends. I then proceeded to build the most reliable and user-friendly, ICO reporting and rating service on the internet. The kind of service that I would have wanted to find, and use, when I started out in earnest in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

But how do you evaluate an ICO? Which parameters and aspects do you assess? The team decided to search very thoroughly for the answers to these questions. To that end, we spent hundreds of hours developing a research protocol that covered some 80 factors and which was applied to over 50 ICOs. This gave us deep insight into the anatomy of an ICO, and their strengths and weaknesses respectively.

Our next step was to concentrate this profiling by cutting off the excess factors, so that we could offer a critical yet easily graspable overview that would make our database much more user friendly for investors.

By now, word had gotten out that we had made the industry’s most comprehensive analysis, and ICOs started requesting audits and feedback that would provide practical suggestions on how they could substantially improve their success rate.

We noticed that the audits that were offered on the market often were simultaneously overpriced and of inferior quality. Thus, this proved to be an opportunity to increase the quality of ICOs while supporting the development of new, powerful cryptocurrencies by offering audits that draw upon our deep knowledge at a very competitive pricing

Throughout this journey, I have always emphasized the importance of staying true to our roots and our passion for the transformative and beneficial power of cryptocurrencies.

These, then, are the guiding values of TruDex:

  1. Our database should offer reliable, unbiased, easy to use, information to make investments in this industry easier and with better quality.
  2. For ICOs we offer a review consisting of objective, open sourced scoring, plus comprehensive research findings and recommendations. In the spirit of fairness and decentralized ethics, all ICOs must first pass our pre-selection process and undergo our rigorous evaluation process.
  3. We strive to be transparent and fair, and we’re happy to acknowledge comments from ICOs, as well as our community regarding our research and methodology.
  4. We only hire and work with people that have a personal interest in ICOs and cryptos and the potential they represent.
  5. In everything we do, we try to ask ourselves: Is this fair and beneficial? We try to apply this to our teams, in our interactions with our community, and in relation to the ICOs on which we report.