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The Dawn of the Humanitarian ICO White Paper

The very first time I worked on an ICO white paper, it was back in June of 2017. As a technical writer and full time digital entrepreneur, I practically fell into blockchain technology via tech writing jobs. That first project that I took on had a humanitarian leaning. I was soon dismayed to find out it was a marketing ploy for a sub-humanitarian and largely fictional team.

I’m sure anyone reading this is not remotely surprised that my first introduction to ICOs was a little sketchy. Even so, I was compelled to finish the job. As any freelancer knows, sometimes you have to pick your battles. I was actually pretty proud of the final result –  a gleaming white paper convincing readers of the astounding philanthropic potential that would somehow happen without any blockchain developers!

I never left the business after that. It’s been 13 months of immersion into ICOs and their white papers. I now look back at that first paper and see some slick marketing copy, and actually a fantastic idea. But I know now what was being proposed was utterly impossible. Even back then, with no prior knowledge, I had a pretty good inkling it was bogus.

The First ICO White Paper I Ever Read

Still, to perform my work for this first white paper, I had to read and study multiple, related white papers, the first of which was for Starbase.  I had to read it 3 times before understanding took hold; it was all completely new to me. But something about blockchain technology as explained in this whitepaper captured my attention. Not to mention the enthusiasm of the founder of the project I was tasked with writing for, who I later learned was only it for the money. But to this day, I’m thankful that I was exposed to this technology and that my first experience was a project that could have proved beneficial to humanity had it been seriously planned for that.

Blockchain tech and solving world problems go hand in hand. I could see that clearly and I wanted to be involved. For that first project I was also tasked with setting up a wallet (to receive my shit coin bonuses!). I got to experience first hand the ease of money transfer using Waves and BTC. After learning all this new information about blockchain technology, what I envisioned was a more level, global economic playing field.

Searching for the Humanitarian Side

My first exposure to ICOs happened during a time in my life of huge change. I was now working more than ever to support 3 kids and I was compelled to give up all my non-profit work, which had given me great satisfaction. Over the years, I’d been directly involved with an educational foundation, a kids robotics club, the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Bangor, a Little League baseball team and La Leche League International. Really my favorite thing is to help people, and when first I saw what bitcoin could do, I lit right up.

ico white paper

I’ve been waiting patiently for another humanitarian project to emerge from the ICO haze. I have seen some amazing startups and have had the pleasure of working to help create ICO white papers for their projects. Many fantastic teams are out there building solutions for today’s business arena. But it took one year before I received an opportunity to contribute to a project with a team that was truly working the humanitarian angle. And a week after I took on work for them, I found another.

Optimistic Conclusion

They are coming. That’s my point. I am a true believer in the premise that vibrational levels are already rising worldwide. The preponderance of mass global communications is speeding it up. Our awareness of each other and our power to affect positive change is also growing. Even in the crypto industry, I am now seeing an elevation in the quality of projects that cross my path. I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone tried in earnest to address a humanitarian problem with blockchain.

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