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The Telegram ICO is Revolutionary – Here’s Why

The Telegram ICO Will Revolutionize Smart Contracts: Next-Gen Blockchain!

The upcoming telegram ICO will most likely revolutionize the decentralized applications space. That’s because unlike most other decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum platform, telegram wants to launch its own Ethereum-like platform. With such an advanced crypto foundation, Telegram will likely open up the way for other social media companies to run their own decentralized apps on the platform, making it the go-to platform in the social media industry.

As an investor, Telegram is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s the best chance for people who missed the bitcoin and Ethereum trains when those opportunities were ripe.

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But Why Telegram?

One of the reasons why the Telegram token is destined for greatness is its privacy. With increased risks of government regulation, investors want cryptos that give them a greater sense of security and privacy.

That’s exactly what this token offers to investors. It is based on a proxy that establishes a decentralized VPN for people looking to browse through the telegram decentralized platform. This guarantees you a level of privacy comparable only to that of the TOR browser.

Another aspect that gives the Telegram decentralized apps platform an edge over other ICOs is that it has a real-world practical use. Most ICOs being launched now only aim to ride the crypto wave, with no real utility.

That’s not the case with the telegram token. That’s because, through the telegram platform, one can make micropayments, and at very low costs. This makes gram (the token’s name) quite useful. It’s essentially ushering in the 3rd generation blockchain that eliminates all the cost issues that have plagued both the 1st generation blockchain (bitcoin) and the 2nd generation one (Ethereum). This alone will help propel gram’s value upward upon launch.

However, the greatest aspect of Gram is that it will allow other social media companies to launch their own decentralized apps through its platform.

How Gram Will Create an Enabling Environment for Social Media Dapps

The gram platform is designed to allow for the decentralization of the internet. Thus, no government can censore it. This is one of the biggest problems that social media companies face today. Especially when operating in closed societies where governments are afraid of a free flow of information. This makes gram the anchor that developers could use to launch their own social media applications, without any fears that regulations might hurt their endeavors.

telegram ico

Gram ICO from a Demand and Supply Perspective

When it comes to crypto investments, the best coins are those that have a capped supply. On this front, Gram is a great investment. That’s because Telegram will retain control of 52% of all the coins in circulation. This will eliminate any chances of wild price swings that might hurt your investment.

Telegram Leadership – The Icing on the Cake

Founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, has something most ICOs do not:  several massively successful tech projects under his belt. A Russian by nationality with huge popularity in Russia, Ukraine, etc., he created the social media platform VK. Now it’s the most popular social media project in Russia and the whole CIS space, ranking 18th website by audience. Pavel has been called the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia.

telegram ico

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s Founder & CEO

Secondly, he is behind Telegram itself, the most advanced messenger available and the undisputed gathering place for crypto hounds. We can say many things about Pavel. But the most important one is that he has a very high reputation as a developer. His supporters especially have no doubts about the success of this ICO. And his reputation for managing workflows to create something worthwhile and truly new precedes him.

Final Verdict

It seems that a great success awaits the Telegram ICO. And we can guess that this project will be the most outstanding in the history of token launches. That’s why as an investor, it makes sense to look at the Telegram ICO roadmap, research the project and consider buying the tokens once they are open to retail investors. Going to invest in Telegram ICO? Check out Trudex to get Telegram ICO review and learn more about it!

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