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Is the ICO you’re considering a scam? How would you know? Will the company you are researching be around two months after the launch? Or will the team have cashed out and moved on? How can you be sure which ICO to invest in?

At TruDex, we believe the answer to these questions lies in arming the investor with knowledge. But to know about an ICO, one must research exhaustively by reading the white paper, an often lengthy and highly technical document. They must also read the website, study the team behind the project, and evaluate the buzz level. Who has the time?

We have the time and it’s what we do. That’s why we created¬†“ICO Research Made Easy”, so our readers could gain an edge over the common investor and learn research methods that help filter out the good ICOs from the bad. Find this book for free today on Amazon.


ico research

Find out today how to evaluate each cryptocurrency ICO you are considering as an investment.

Are you thinking that maybe you missed out completely on the ICO craze that started in 2017? Well, think again – hundreds of new ICOs are rolling out in 2018!

But how many of these ICOs are only in it to take advantage of all the new money that is migrating from traditional investment vehicles into decentralized, blockchain currencies? Which ICOs are legitimate and which are scams?

“The Complete Guide to Evaluating ICOs”¬†is a booklet for new cryptocurrency investors to help answer those exact questions. It is our mission to provide crypto investors with the tools necessary to make informed decisions on the decentralized exchanges.

Here at TruDex, we have created a unique, 7-point system of ICO scoring, which we use to exhaustively research ICOs. This eBook covers each area of focus in depth, so now you, too, can learn how to spot an ICO scam and maybe even find the next “Google” for your investment portfolio. Find out more at

Find this book today on Amazon for only $2.99.