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The Most Profitable ICO Projects of All Time

The ICO boom that exploded in the market in recent months is a consequence of two elements:  the high volume of investment attraction, coupled with the relatively low complexity of conducting an initial coin offering. Now we are experiencing a golden era for startups because the combination of these factors is the most optimal. In this article, learn about the most profitable ICOs and what sets them apart.At the end of 2017, the Mangrove Capital Partners venture company conducted a study of ICO profitability. They based data off 204 completed campaigns, including super-profitable ones, and not very profitable ones, and even those that brought a tangible loss to investors. The research points to the average yield of all ICO investments, including loss-making, at… 1320%.

This number may make one assume that the most significant reason for investing in ICOs is a huge profit. The yield for some of the ICOs was tens of thousands of percent. And against such a backdrop – high risks, even loss-making for least 25% of ICOs, and flimsy projects – investors still continue to be bent on ICO investing.

profitable icos

The Most Profitable ICOs


The cryptocurrency called NEO is first in profitability among all initial coin offerings. In 2015, during the campaign to raise funds, NEO tokens cost $0.032.  Now their price has risen to $107 (and the highest price was $190 on Jan 16), making for a 334,375% profitability! In fact, NEO is a Chinese version of Ethereum; the basis for creating cryptocurrency projects based on smart contracts. Chinese investors have encouraged their platform financially, and rumors about a possible recognition of NEO by Chinese government brought further profits to investors.


One of the best ICOs to invest in, Ethereum’s took place in 2014, when one ETH token cost $0.311. Today, the profitability is 276,527%. At that time, there were already enough skilled crypto professionals but no serious cryptoprojects. Most likely, because very few people knew yet how to start an ICO properly.

The Ethereum creators responded to this market request by founding a platform with a core toolkit for blockchain developers, which included rogramming language for creating a special agreement between all blockchain participants, the so-called smart contract.

The field of activity provided by Ethereum was very extensive: more secure cryptocurrencies begun to appear based on this platform, as well as cryptocurrencies that confused the transaction trail and increased anonymity, resources related to financial management, etc. The platform appeared when it already had a need, but there were no adequate solutions. This was the first reason for the growth of Ethereum. Later, the blockchain developers fully appreciated this tool, and the Ethereum creators justified their reliability constantly supplementing and modernizing the innovative technology.


Spectrecoin, worth $0.001 at the time of the ICO in 2016, brought investors a profit of 183,000% due to its anonymity. This currency surpasses even the notorious TOR network due to the implementation of the cryptographic processing. This means that Spectrecoin preserves all TOR’s functions and works on the same principle. But another principle that encrypts the TOR network is using the last fourth (obfs4) protocol.

Simply put, one of the most profitable ICOs of 2016, Spectrecoin, has two powerful levels of encryption and many additional features. They allow users to bypass any locks in China and other countries restricting access to network resources. Unfortunately, because of some issues with the project leader, their ICO looked quite unreliable. Investors began to look at the currency more seriously in recent months only.


Among all other succesful ICOs, the profitability of the Stratis initial coin offering is now 114,285%. It was definitely one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in during that stage of development. The coin price during ICO was $0.007, and now has risen to almost $8.

The creators of Stratis have introduced the unique blockchain system whereby companies are able to create their own chain of blocks according to their needs. Stratis also founded its consulting company, ready to advise each client on the development of the necessary blockchain equipment and to help with the chain creation.

Stratis is one of those not very noisy projects, which attracted funds from the most experienced and knowledgeable investors. Then there was a pump & dump, which lowered the credibility of the coin. But thanks to the existing product, real help and real actions of the developers, Stratis won the trust of the cryptocommunity, and its rate increased.

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One of the best ICOs of all time, the ARK coin’s profitability has risen 41,000%. At the ICO stage in 2016, its cost was $0.01 ($4.1 today). It is distinguished by the introduction of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) technology. According to many cryptanalysts, DPoS will prove to be a more effective means of ensuring the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. ARK also uses so-called smart bridges that allow communicating with other blockchains and thereby allowing the currency holder to partially use the technology and functions of other blockchains as necessary.


15,367% – here is a measure of profitability for ICO investors who put their money in the Lisk coin. It uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as well. In addition, it can provide high transaction speeds (even with multiple spam attacks)with the help of sidechain technology. If the information is recording to the main blocks due to the lack of other places, it can be written into the sideblocks without overloading the main unit in sidechain.


QTUM (profitability for ICO investors is about 9,729%) synthesized part of Bitcoin’s features with Ethereum’s smart contracts. Thus, its creators founded so-called master contracts that provide currency holders with more control over their funds.


Populous cryptocurrency brought a profit of 9,352.52% to its investors. During the ICO, the price of one token was $0.278, compared to $26 today. This currency allows trading invoices based on the blockchain system.

Wrapping Up

The largest number of profitable ICOs was based on Ethereum, followed by Counterparty and Omni. Projects conducted on the basis of the quite popular Waves and BitShares platforms have much worse indicators.

However, this is more of a curious statistical sound bite. Because when considering all platforms, practically every one has some profitable ICOs for investors.

The TruDex team is always glad to offer investors the essential data needed to navigate the crypto market. Join us today to learn more about ICOs and how to determine the most profitable crypto investments.

profitable icos

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