Bitnation ICO Pro Report


Bitnation ICO Token Strength Score:  91% Based on Mougayar’s Benchmark

Mougayar’s Benchmark provides a detailed look at the utility, strength and staying power of each ICO coin. However, many ICO’s receive a “YES” answer on a theoretical basis, meaning this is what they plan to do, but oftentimes haven’t yet reached all their milestones. Token Strength, Token Score and Mougayar’s Benchmark are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute advice on any investment. See TruDex Pro ICO Reports to get full details.

  • The startup’s white paper notes that “BITNATION PAT tokens may be tradeable, but they are not an investment, currency, security, commodity, a swap on a currency, or any other kind of financial instrument.” Thus, it is marketed as a ‘utility token’. For some countries, such as the U.S., however, tokens are considered assets and any trade (even token to token) is considered a taxable event.

  • Another aspect of the ICO event is that it bars U.S. and Chinese investors from participating in the token sale event. “The BITNATION PAT  Tokens are not being offered to U.S. person or Chinese persons. U.S. person or Chinese person are strictly prohibited and restricted from using the BITNATION PAT Tokens and/or purchasing BITNATION PAT Tokens and the Company is not soliciting purchases by U.S. person or Chinese persons or in any way.”

    Mougayar’s Benchmark Score:  91%

    (100% is scored for every YES answer, 0% is scored for every NO answer:

  1. Is the token tied to a product usage? (does it give the user exclusive access to it, or provide interaction rights to the product?) YES
  2. Does the token grant a governance action, like voting on a consensus related or other decision-making factor? YES
  3. Does the token enable the user to contribute to a value-adding action for the network or market being built? YES
  4. Does the token grant an ownership of sorts, whether it is real or a proxy to a value? YES
  5. Does the token result in a monetizable reward based on an action by the user (active work)? YES
  6. Does the token grant the user a value based on sharing or disclosing some data about them (passive work)? YES
  7. Is buying something part of the business model? YES
  8. Is selling something part of the business model? YES
  9. Can users create a new product or service? YES
  10. Is the token required to run a smart contract or to fund an oracle? (an oracle is a source of information or data that other smart contracts can use.) YES
  11. Is the token required as a security deposit to secure some aspect of the blockchain’s operation YES
  12. Is the token (or a derivative of it, like a stable coin or gas unit) used to pay for some usage? YES
  13. Is the token required to join a network or other related entity? YES
  14. Does the token enable a real connection between users? YES
  15. Is the token given away or offered at a discount, as an incentive to encourage product trial or usage? YES
  16. Is the token your principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency? YES
  17. Is the token (or derivative of it) the principal accounting unit for all internal transactions? YES
  18. Does your blockchain autonomously distribute profits to token holders? NO
  19. Does your blockchain autonomously distribute other benefits to token holders? NO
  20. Is there a related benefit to your users, resulting from built-in currency inflation? YES

Are you looking for valuable data on the Bitnation ICO?

You have come to the right place. Hours of in-depth, comprehensive research are nutshelled in an easy-to-navigate report that will score and summarize each of the seven main categories in the TruDex evaluation process:

  • Problem/Solution
  • Team Strength
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Business Model
  • ICO Details
  • Token Strength

Also included is a summary of the main strengths and weaknesses of the Bitnation project. Our research is independent and free of manipulation and bias so investors have a source of trusted ICO and cryptocurrency information – TruDex™.


Comprehensive research on Bitnation ICO in a condensed, intuitive format.

Everything you need to know about the Bitnation ICO packaged up into an easy-to-navigate and visually compelling report.



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