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crypto market
Mary Thibodeau

New to the Crypto Market? Here’s What to Expect – Part I Social Media

Welcome to the crypto market and congratulations for opening your mind (and your wallet) to join us in the land of blockchain. For beginners making their way into the industry, here are some things you might want to know before delving into the annals of crypto social media: (more…)

Tom Alford

How the Crypto Market is Creating a Better World

The exciting crypto market has been rapidly gaining interest and attention over the last few years. Everyone is now familiar with Bitcoin, which rose after the financial crisis in 2008, giving people a new and innovative way to freely exchange currency while cutting out the middlemen. That was not the only change Bitcoin brought these last years… (more…)

Shivam Patel

Fraudulent ICOs Motivate Industry to Try Self Regulation

With promises that blockchain technology will revolutionize the world, many retail investors are looking for a way to get in on the action. And for good reason. A recent research report by venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners found that the average initial coin offering (ICO) returned an astounding 1,320%. But the industry needs self regulation to help protect investors. (more…)

ico white paper
Mary Thibodeau
  • 14 Jul 18
  • Comments Off on The Dawn of the Humanitarian ICO White Paper

The Dawn of the Humanitarian ICO White Paper

The very first time I worked on an ICO white paper, it was back in June of 2017. As a technical writer and full time digital entrepreneur, I practically fell into blockchain technology via tech writing jobs. That first project that I took on had a humanitarian leaning. I was soon dismayed to find out it was a marketing ploy for a sub-humanitarian and largely fictional team. (more…)

ico white paper
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
  • 9 Jul 18
  • Comments Off on The Effective ICO White Paper: How to Write and What to Design

The Effective ICO White Paper: How to Write and What to Design

The ICO market is bigger than ever and hundreds of projects are trying to raise funds through initial coin offerings. This competitive environment has its own rules for all projects. One of them is that the team must submit its description in a special doc called the ICO white paper. (more…)

ico platform
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
  • 5 Jul 18
  • Comments Off on Which ICO Platform is the Best for Your Crypto Project in 2018?

Which ICO Platform is the Best for Your Crypto Project in 2018?

Do you have an idea for an incredibly cool blockchain project but there is no money to implement it? Maybe you need a token with a complex payout system but you do not know how to code it. Before you know it, you’re wondering where you would create your ICO? Where does the launch happen and how does it work? Today we’ll learn about what ICO Platform choices exist today so you can determine which one is best for your project!


cryptocurrency ethics
Mary Thibodeau
  • 3 Jul 18
  • Comments Off on Isn’t it Time to Talk About Cryptocurrency Ethics?

Isn’t it Time to Talk About Cryptocurrency Ethics?

Admit it. If you’ve been in this industry for a year or more, you have brushed across, at some point you simply must have encountered, some shady dealings. Either directly or indirectly, whether you knew it before you got into it or not, you’ve thought to yourself – hm, is that ethical? I know I have. And each time it brings me back to my initial gut reaction when I first learned about cryptocurrencies and decentralization. I was all starry-eyed thinking this was going to change the world. It is and it will continue to do so, but not in the straight and narrow way that I’d vaguely envisioned. Cryptocurrency ethics will evolve with the industry and now is our time to help shape this trend. (more…)

bitcoin growth
Vyacheslav Khmelkov

TOP 5 Reasons For Bitcoin Growth Potential

You open CoinMarketCap and see this huge dump. You begin to worry and ask yourself: what’s next? Whether bitcoin will reach $3 thousand (that is quite possible) or will it grow to $20,000? Well, for real investors, it is much more important what will be happening in a year and two, not tomorrow. Yes, traders and speculators are worried about bitcoin’s course in the short term. But if you believe in blockchain and understand that this is the technology of the future, then you also believe in bitcoin growth. Today, Trudex will provide you with five reasons to believe that bitcoin holds the potential for high growth (more…)

bitcoin futures
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
  • 28 Jun 18
  • Comments Off on Bitcoin Futures: Are They the Main Reason for the Fall of Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Futures: Are They the Main Reason for the Fall of Cryptocurrency?

In December 2017, two US stock exchanges, CBOE and CME, introduced Bitcoin futures. This event coincided with the Bitcoin historical price surge to $20,000. However, soon after the launch of futures, this number began to decline. people may wonder: are these events related to each other? How could futures trigger a cryptocurrency fall? And will they affect the crypto market in future? Let’s find out! (more…)