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Method of Research

TruDex Research Methodology

To ensure that our audience receives accurate, unbiased and comprehensive data about ICOs and cryptocurrencies, TruDex has developed a unique Research Methodology based on the following principles:

  • Open sourced. We welcome community feedback and opportunities to improve and develop. We plan to grow and evolve along with the industry. Our community of subscribers is welcome to offer their feedback on our scoring system and methodology so we take user input very seriously.
  • Thorough. Not only do we read the white papers and website content. We dig deep by researching community feedback in social media, probing the internet for all types of press, investigating team member transparency and experience, reading code audits and much more.
  • Objective. Our scoring system is devised so that in essence, anyone could answer our questions (if they dig deep enough!). For example, one of the over 70 scoring criteria looks like this:

Question:  Is there an experienced Social Media Manager on the team?

The possible answers are:

0 Points No team member with Social Media Management experience

1 Point 1 team member with some Social Media Management experience

2 Points 1 person with extensive Social Media Management experience or 2 with some.

3 Points 2 or more team members with extensive Social Media Management experience

The choices of answers for each criterion are similarly written so that there is very little room for judgment or subjectivity.

  • Accurate. TruDex has a team of experienced and knowledgeable researchers. Each ICO passes through a four-step process including:
    • Initial research
    • Deep research
    • Editorial content
    • Technical editing

After all that, team members continue to check for updates and new information, revising the data for our subscribers so they are kept in the loop.