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ico scoring system

TruDex has developed a comprehensive ICO scoring system that examines 5 different aspects of each ICO, each one meticulously scored in our transparent and easily verifiable process. When we profile an ICO, we put the project through our ICO rating system, and then ICOs receive data regarding their strengths and weaknesses plus promotional resources.

Investors can get a complete and comprehensive ICO listing service to help with the investment determination process. ICOs in turn, have the opportunity to be featured and promoted by the TruDex website, social media and a dedicated team. It is our mission to support the ICO industry as cryptocurrencies develop. We do this by offering fair and realistic scoring, and a wide array of promotional options, plus security audits and white paper reviews.

TruDex is the only ICO rating site with a transparent team and a code of decentralized ethics. We’re here to elevate the ICO industry by offering a comprehensive ICO scoring system that helps draw traffic to your project. We’re the only ICO¬†rating site that does this with a transparent and highly qualified team.

The 5 areas that make up our ICO scoring system are:

Problem and Solution

Are the problem and solution clearly defined?

Have use cases been developed?

Team Strength

What is the status of developers on the team?

Are industry experts involved?

Has a legal advisor been selected?


Does the team have a prototype or beta up and running?

Are their smart contracts published?

Is the code public and open source?

Have security procedures been outlined?

Has a code audit been done?


Does the project show buzz level across social media?

Has a social media manager been identified?

ICO Details

Is the ICO process transparent?

Has delayed founder liquidity been put in place?

Has an escrow system been set up?