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ICO Promotion: TOP 9 Ways to Find Investors for Your ICO Project

Blockchain startups appear regularly and most of them try to make themselves known through ICOs. Nonetheless, ICO specialists know that investors have become more exacting, and it is more difficult mpw for startups to win their attention. Consequently, the ICO promotion and all related topics are developing faster than ever. What methods of ICO promotion are popular today? Will they work in the future? Let’s check it out and learn how to launch an ICO and promote it effectively!

So how to advertise an ICO? After you determine the target audience, the main task is to find people who are ready to invest money in your startup. The choice of suitable advertising platforms and communication strategy are aimed precisely at this. The chosen platform can be any place where the necessary information can be conveyed to the target audience. They are:

ICO Promotion on Media

Any ICO promotion agency can say you that most ICO investors are based in the US and the EU. Hence, the organizers and promoters of ICOs should pay attention to the media of these countries. The media itself should also be chosen carefully as each media has its own audience that is different in age, experience, and most importantly, solvency.

Search Services

There are two directions. First, SEO promotion, for which you need a website and preferably a blog. Secondly, targeted advertising also gives good results. There are many companies on the web that provide ICO promotion services focusing both on SEO and targeted advertising. But you should be ready for the fact that quality services will hit your wallet.

Social Media and Messengers

Telegram is an unspoken “blockchain messenger,” where there are channels of multiple blockchain projects and where many people interested in cryptocurrencies are concentrated. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are also popular sources for ICO startups.

ICO Ratings and Listing Sites

Such sites work to search for investors on the same principles as traditional investment sites. Investors, however, are more interested in ICO listings because such services analyze the initial coin offering projects they are considering.

The communication strategy for ICO promotion should be based on the fact that the startup members need to communicate with the maximum possible number of potential investors as much as possible, both large and small investors. Well connected ICO Rating Sites with good traffic and strong teams can help ICOs connect with the target audience.

Venture Funds and Investment Companies

In some cases, it makes sense for ICO startup teams to communicate with their representatives in person, for instance, traveling to their country for this purpose. Sometimes digital presentations and press releases are enough. Venture capitalists in the EU as well as in Silicon Valley are beginning to turn their head in the direction of ICOs. Because of their seasoned eye for quality projects, their attention will naturally flow to the better ICO startups, thus helping to elevate the industry

Bounties and Airdrops

The best way to stimulate the crypto community into disseminating information is to offer a financial reward. If you do not change the terms and honestly fulfill your obligations, positive feedback about the project in the media is almost guaranteed. This also helps build a loyal and engaged audience for further promotion and engagement.

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Crypto Forums and Social Media

Such a communication should include constructive answers to users’ questions and quiet work with detractors. Independent potential investors judge the seriousness of the startup by answers given to questions asked, and the tone of communication with users significantly affects the tone of feedback about your project.

Crypto Events

Each blockchain-technology event gathers many crypto-enthusiasts interested in ICOs. You can meet the largest number of serious investors there. If you do not know how to find investors for ICO online, or experience difficulties in finding them, this is your option.

Ending Note

Now you know how to promote your ICO effectively. As we can see, current regulation trends tighten the rules for conducting ICOs and attracting investors. More and more initial coin offering projects are betting on ICO institutional investors or entire investment companies. This means that methods aimed at attracting sharks to the market will be most effective. However, it is unlikely that work with small investors will come to naught. Large investors can be found where small ones concentrate. This means that the ICO promotion on forums and social media will still make sense.