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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best ICO Investment

An ICO investment represents one of the most popular and profitable ways to make money on cryptocurrencies. You can buy coins during a cryptocurrency crowdsale and potentially sell them at much higher prices after an output on cryptocurrency exchanges. But how does one set up an effective method of ICO search and determination? Where can an ordinary investor find high quality projects? Let’s learn all about it today!

Is It Really So Difficult to Find Promising ICOs?

Yes, it becomes more and more challenging to find the best ICO projects to invest in. The ordinary investor faces several problems at once:

1. There are too many proposals on the market. There were hundreds of new ICOs every month in 2017. This year, despite the temporary correction of the market, ICO developers are still buzzing. The competition is heating up while teams scramble to create new ICO marketing strategies to reach dwindling numbers of investors in this bear market so they can raise more money.

ICO investment

In 2017, 210 ICO projects raised almost $4 billion dollars


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In the first half of 2018, 490 ICOs raised more than $11 billion, which is three times more than for the entire 2017

Retrieved from CoinSchedule

2. Self-assessment of the selected ICO takes a lot of time. Even if the investor made a selection of several projects, each of them still needs to be studied and analyzed carefully. they must read the information on the official website, analyze a white paper, find and evaluate news on the project, and so on…

Participating in an ICO is the easiest way to invest in cryptocurrency, but finding the truly promising project can be a challenge, even for an experienced crypto investor. And a beginning investor is faced with the fact that there are too many projects and very little time to study all of them.

ICO Investment Pools: Worth a Try?

Participation in ICO pools is a convenient option for investors who want to join the top-level ICO but cannot do it alone. For example, they do not have enough money or opportunities (or desire) to undergo the KYC procedure.

Furthermore, this is a good way to look for objects for investment and may be the best way to invest in blockchain if you haven’t enough experience or money to go it alone.

An ICO investment pool is managed by one or more administrators. They not only receive their cut of the pool profit but are also responsible for choosing ICOs for collective investment.

Web Surfing and Crypto Forums

Despite the fact that many search engines ban advertising of cryptocurrencies, and governments are toughening their ICO regulation policies, you can find all the information you could ever want, and more,  on the web. You can also search for an ICO in social media and instant messengers like Telegram. Investors can subscribe to thematic channels and wait for news to inform them about attractive offers or hope they evaluate a lot of crypto crowdfunding projects.

However, this way of searching for ICOs is unsafe. And we cannot call it effective.

A huge number of advertised projects are just fishing rods with which cunning scammers use to catch inexperienced investors. So the usual Internet surfing option is a bad choice for searching for an ICO.


ico investment

ICO Trackers and Rating Agencies

If you want to find a reliable way to invest in ICO projects, you should know what ICO trackers and ratings mean. ICO trackers are aggregator websites that collect data about popular ICOs:  including completed, current and upcoming cryptocurrency projects.

Unfortunately, not all investors understand why monitoring ICO trackers and cryptocurrency rating websites makes sense, if all information about the project, developers and distribution of tokens can be read on the official ICO website.

However, ICO trackers have two significant advantages:

  • They provide information about a large number of ICOs, so the investor does not have to manually open the site of each project to find the required data.
  • They submit only the most important information. Official sites, in turn, are often oversaturated with an abundance of useless text.

In addition, some trackers, for example, Trudex ICO rating site provides investors with its own ICO scores and ranks the most promising projects for the cryptocoin investment.

TOP ICO Searching Strategies

It is better to discard the manual searching of ICOs. Such a way is the least effective and very risky.

Several options can be used individually or combined with each other.

Consider top strategies as defined by Trudex:

  • ICO investment pools and thematic forums

If you become a member of the pool, you do not need to look for each ICO yourself. But it is still worth checking the projects proposed by the administration. At a minimum, you can check them on thematic forums and ICO trackers.

  • Rating agencies and ICO trackers

You can trust a well-known rating agency and form your cryptocurrency portfolio in accordance with its recommendations.

Well, now you know how to find reliable ICOs and how to invest in blockchain technologies more safely. Despite the dump, ICO investment is still one of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrency.

Each strategy of ICO searching and token investment has advantages and disadvantages. But all of them are suitable for ordinary investors who are searching for a reliable ICO to invest in 2018.