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New to the Crypto Market? Here’s What to Expect – Part I Social Media

Welcome to the crypto market and congratulations for opening your mind (and your wallet) to join us in the land of blockchain. For beginners making their way into the industry, here are some things you might want to know before delving into the annals of crypto social media:

Seven things you won’t learn about the crypto market in digital marketing class.

#1 Reddit

Your first experience on Reddit will most likely not end well. Anonymous, intelligent smart asses tend to hang out there and have no problem sniffing out a newbie. Do some major lurking before you wet your feet. It’s not like Snapchat where you hop on and a 1-year old could manage. If you’re planning an ICO, start your Reddit channel first. They call themselves the front page of the internet, and it does read somewhat like a newspaper (if you can remember those dinosaurs).

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#2 LinkedIn

You will soon have hundreds of strangers who are now your connections on LinkedIn. You’re very own professional network! Some may begin sending you strange job offers or quasi-intelligible requests. Not only that, you will begin to be notified when any of these strangers has a career move or signs on to their 57th ICO Advisory position. Granted, you can also find some pretty interesting groups where smart people are posting relevant stuff.  You can sign up for a few groups and then see highlights from your selection when clicking on work/groups. Or just wait for the LinkedIn algorithm to start feeding them to you.

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#3 Facebook

You’ll need to prepare yourself for finding an absolutely fantastic crypto Facebook group, better than you ever would have imagined, with all the interesting, smart crypto enthusiasts you need to hold meaningful, heartfelt discussions on the way blockchain will disrupt the world, or make you a ton of money, only to watch the group slowly die, giving way to the tidal wave of spam and bounty hunters. My personal fave is still Crypto Goddesses but we’ve all gotten tired of the relentless ‘infiltrators’

#4 YouTube

YouTubers simply don’t know how to shut it. It makes sense in a way, that people who are comfortable with public videos are assertive and like to talk a lot. But please, a 90-minute talking head video is really out of line. For authentic info and entertainment, try Vincent Briatore, for something a little more cerebral you could check out Andreas Antonopoulos.

#5 Discord

Discord is a great place to follow some cryptohead groups. It’s also creates a perfect opportunity to reach out to your teenagers 🙂 Here’s a nice (short and to the point) video about how to use Discord for crypto:  

#6 Twitter

Just remember in Twitter that the number of followers does not represent engagement. And this social media outlet is one of the many centralized platforms that bans all crypto advertisements, so a lot of projects are putting less effort here and more into…

#7 Telegram!!

There is one very important thing to know here, and that is to immediately turn off notifications if you start following a crypto company, most notably one that is holding an ICO. Otherwise, you’ll check your app the “morning after” you first download it only to find 17,000 messages awaiting you. But a must have for any crypto business, so get jiggy with it.

Before you go…

There are several other major social media players in the crypto market, Bitcointalk and Instagram both have large numbers of crypto followers and content providers. You may even want to delve into a few decentralized social media platforms (other than Telegram). Steemit tops the list as to popularity and has a bit of a “happy hour” mentality. You’ll need to be relentless and have reached some level of annoying to really fit in. Others like PROPSProject and onG Social I have yet to try, so if you’ve been in there, please leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

Social media in the crypto market is a bit on the wild side, but it’s also full of fascinating people with big ideas. Hope this little overview helps you ease your way in so that your journey on the blockchain learning curve is speedy and enjoyable.