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Best ICO Marketing Strategies for 2018

More than six major ad bans took place in the last few months barring any crypto-related projects from advertising, and more are sure to follow. ICO start up teams and the many supporting businesses – that’s right, legitimate tech start ups with real teams, goals and solid servicing companies – are not waiting around for the Googles to right themselves and begin addressing their massively generalizing and vaguely self serving proclamations. The efficacy of using centralized platforms for ICO marketing  services has waned. Simply put, it’s on to bigger and better things.

ICO Marketing Services and Strategies for 2018

A bear market and the banning of a huge chunk of advertising potential is not going to stop ICOs, the blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Companies like TruDex are ready to offer comprehensive and alternative ICO marketing services. We have also researched additional options, along with proven tips for marketing your ICO in a decentralized, Google-free manner:

Banner Ads

With no options for Google, Facebook or Twitter ads, purchasing banner ads at crypto sites is a technique that is increasingly being used to promote ICOs. Check out CryptoBar, where ICOs can order varying promotional packages for banner add placement across multiple industry websites including Bitcoin.com, CoinGecko.com and many more. Some ICOs may have small marketing budgets. CryptoBar works with campaigns of all sizes. As another perk, their Coinbase integration makes it easy to submit payment in crypto.

Forum Posting on Bitcointalk.org, etc.

Many freelancers are available through Upwork and Freelancer.com to offer their posting services on crypto specific platforms like Reddit, Bitcointalk.org and Telegram. You can find (with relative ease) a freelancer who is already posting daily in places like the Altcoin discussion thread at Bitcointalk. They can also create a subreddit for your ICO while information about your project can be posted in popular reddit boards such as /r/ethtrader, /r/ethereum and /r/icocrypto. 

Decentralized Social Media

Steemit, the crypto earning blog platform, saw tremendous growth from 2017 to 2018. It’s global Alexa rank has risen from around 16,000 to 1368 in that year, while it’s domain authority is currently a 76, a few higher than CoinTelegraph. On any given day, you can browse their “Hot” posts to find it loaded with articles, updates, analyses and predictions about all things crypto. While it may take some time to get established on Steemit, having a firm footing in one of crypto’s decentralized social media networks give ICOs and blockchain starts yet another avenue to spread the word about their aspirations.

ico marketing services


ICO Marketing with Influencers

Finding an industry expert or “ICO Advisor” will not be difficult, as anyone in the industry knows. Your ICO is probably being contacted by dozens of self proclaimed influencers as we speak about promoting your ICO. Knowing which influencer to select to promote your project can make a difference. Choose influencers that have experience in promoting other successful ICOs. Check out their social media following. Align yourselves with ICOs that have an image that enhances or works well with your branding. Finding cross-promotional opportunities with partners is yet another option.  A nice decentralized option is to go through IndaHash, an influencer marketing platform whose ICO is one of our top scoring ICOs.

Ask Me Anything

By hosting an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) in Bitcointalk, Reddit or YouTube, ICOs get a chance to show their best stuff. In this audience-engaging process, team founders field questions from their following in video format, often live streaming and later posting in all their social media outlets. Use this method of advertising to break through to your followers. It also can be used as a way to find ways for improvement and learning about your follower’s needs.

The Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization has become a major area of concentration for ICOs in 2018. With Google, Facebook and Twitter ads, SEO strategies are vital for the survival of ICO project.

Backlinking while maintaining a good standing with Google has become an art in itself and will contribute to the page rank of your project. You can find SEO experts that will give you a complete evaluation and plan for page ranking on freelancer sites like Upwork.  Or try a link building expert to start building your rank.

ICO Rating Sites

ICO rating sites have become the leaders of ICO promotional services. ICOBench.com, ICORating.com and Trudex.io are a few of the available places to get your ICO listed and promoted. What TruDex offers that the others don’t is an experienced and transparent team that has been evaluating ICOs for 9 months at this writing. Our mission is to help ICO projects realize their dreams. Join us today to find out about our ICO marketing services and how we can help your project find its audience.