TruDex™ Announcement: Crypto’s First Independent ICO Research Group Takes the Stage

Web Service for Trusted Cryptocurrency & ICO Data Now Available to Investors.

Today, TruDex™ enters the rapidly emerging crypto space to provide unbiased, in-depth reviews of ICOs to help investors in the decision making process.

As an independent ICO and crypto research service, TruDex™ empowers investors by giving them the data they need to stay informed about ICOs. TruDex™ stands alone in providing objective ICO evaluations based on our open source scoring method. 

The TruDex™ research process is initiated by the pre-selection phase.

This identifies which ICOs are promising enough to be qualified for in-depth reporting. Thus, public listing of qualified ICOs on the TruDex™ database itself offers great value for investors by constituting a primary selection of the most interesting current ICOs.

Upon qualification for research, TruDex™ then employs a unique, 7-Point Scoring System that objectively and comprehensively rates the following categories:

  • Problem/Solution
  • Team Strength
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • ICO Details
  • Business Model
  • Token Strength

The research team at TruDex™ delves deep into the intricacies of each ICO to give investors a laser view of the startup they are considering. We then condense our data neatly into an ICO Pro Report (like this sample), which can be purchased individually. Soon, we will offer a monthly subscription that includes unlimited ICO Pro Reports.  


TruDex™ is committed to the crypto ethics of an emerging, decentralized world, so we pass on ICOs that are obviously centralized attempts at manipulating currencies. We also value Global Solutions and take extra time to hash out each ICO’s identified problem and solution to find the projects that have the potential to make a real difference.

Since the summer of 2017, social media platforms having been increasingly flooded with new crypto investors asking, “Which ICO should I invest in?” Most of them now must depend on outside sources, who most likely have a stake in the advice they are giving. That’s why we feel that independent ICO research, free of manipulations and bias, is vital to a thriving cryptoeconomy.

If you look closely online, you won’t find another company providing objective, meaningful ICO data that is opensourced and positioned to grow along with the cryptocurrency industry.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we navigate the expanding crypto-verse towards a more hopeful and fair global economy. At TruDex, we’ll be here every step of the way.