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Your hub for ICO support and resources.

Welcome to Trudex

The Story Behind TruDex - By Founder, Jens Nasstrom

As I started out investing in ICOs, I quickly realized that having access to structured and unbiased information would not only make my life as an investor a lot easier, but it would also improve my investment strategy. However, I couldn't find a service that provided clear and trustworthy enough information. Disappointed, I resorted to hiring VAs to do the researching for me, and after going through many, I found an extraordinary researcher that provided me with exactly what I had been needing.

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Company History

TruDex was founded on September 11, 2017 to create the ultimate resource for investors, enabling them to successfully navigate the world of cryptocurrency investments.

  • Quarter 3, 2017 Founded

    We built our amazing team and got to work creating our unique system of evaluating ICOs. Processes for a smooth workflow were initiated and our scoring system was born. We initiated plans to create a systematic method of fair and open source ICO reporting and scoring.

  • Quarter 4, 2017

    Our database went live with the complete scoring and evaluation of over 25 ICOs plus multiple qualified listings. We developed our line of products and a marketing plan was hatched out while we continued to build out our website.

  • Quarter 1, 2018

    We started out the New Year with added enhancements to our website, continued with marketing plans and established our social media base. Additional services were created for ICO success including complete review & scoring, listings and full security audits. Our database grew to over 80 ICO listings and we ramped up processes to meet the demand of increased ICO interest.

Our Expert Team

TruDex has created a unique, virtual workspace focused on empowering and uplifting our teammates.

Jens Nasstrom


A life-long entrepreneur and Occupational Psychologist specializing in stress and time management for IT saturated workplaces, Jens first heard about cryptocurrency in 2012 when a friend tried to convince him to invest in Bitcoin. Now as a seasoned crypto investor, Jens sees the potential of cryptocurrencies to topple traditional, oligarchical financial institutions, concluding that this might well be the most profound IT driven revolution since the internet.

Mary Thibodeau

Operations Manager/Sr. Editor

After bootstrapping a profitable self publishing business, Mary developed what is now a top rated technical writing and editing service. She happened upon her first ICO white paper in June of 2017 and never looked back. Her avid interest in cryptocurrencies stems from the creative and game-changing disruptions that blockchain technologies embrace. She brings her strong background in communications and community advocacy to the TruDex team.

Sharjeel Sohaib

Director of Research

As a research analyst and content specialist with a focus on artificial intelligence, IoT, technology startups and new cryptocurrencies, Sharjeel brings his expansive knowledge of blockchain technology to the TruDex team. He received his BA in Economics from the University of Punjab and now leads the research and development department in building our unique brand of ICO and cryptocurrency research, analysis and report generation.

Shady Mohamed

Database Management/Web Development

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Shady is a top-rated, full-stack developer with over nine years experience in building and maintaining databases. He’s highly skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between. His database management expertise fuels the TruDex flow of ICO and cryptocurrency information.

Milan Damjanovic

Research & Development / IT Advisor

As a Linux Administrator with a Masters in Finance, Milan's leap into cryptocurrencies was a natural step forward. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin & Litecoin, having mined both in the past. Now he uses his vast crypto and technical knowledge plus advanced research skills to contribute to the development and compilation of TruDex data and reports.

Vyacheslav Khmelkov

Social Content Coordinator

With a Masters in Management of Foreign Economic Activities, Vyacheslav has been writing for blogs professionally since 2015. He’s also a creative graphic designer who has helped the TruDex project in developing compelling and highly shareable social media graphics. As a top rated freelancer, Vyacheslav has been supporting ICO projects since June of 2017.

Jorge Rodriguez

Security Advisor

An ethical hacker since childhood, Jorge has extensive experience as a security expert, with advanced skills in blockchain development, project management and social media marketing. Passionate about technology, Jorge is one of the foremost security experts in the crypto industry today.

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